Crosman Launches New Marines Airsoft Line

posted on January 13, 2012
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The U.S. Marine Corps engages licensing agreements in order to cultivate goodwill, promote a positive public image, and assist with recruiting.  The 2012 Crosman Marines Airsoft line is designed to foster those efforts by marketing an upgraded assortment of Marines Airsoft products including pistols, rifles, kits, ammunition and accessories.

According to Crosman Product Manager, Flemming Molin, "Everything about the Marines Airsoft series is exciting.  From real U.S. Marines featured on the packaging, to military-style dog tags included with the guns, the spirit of 'The Few, the Proud, the Marines' is front and center," he said.  "Since the new Marines Airsoft products are designed for all the skirmishing game scenarios you can dream up, the authenticity of this new line will satisfy and entertain those players seeking military inspired airsoft gear," said Molin.  "Designed for the avid airsoft player, the Marines Airsoft 2012 products include an entire generation of upgraded models ready to hit the beach.  Stay tuned, the Marines Airsoft assault is underway."

The 2012 Marines Airsoft product line features two heavy-weight, semi-auto CO2 powered pistols and two single-shot, spring powered pistols.  The line includes three new pump shotguns, two AEG rifles, an AEG mini rifle, a spring powered rifle and a dual powered rifle.  Marines Airsoft BBs are available in .12g camo, .20g heavy and .20g marking BBs.  Also adding to the category are three new kits.  The Battle Kit features a spring powered rifle, pistol and holster.  The Target Kit has two spring powered pistols, a 12" target and BBs, and the Task Force 6 Kit includes an AEG rifle and a spring powered pistol and holster.  New Marines Airsoft accessories include a grenade-shaped BB loader, goggles, camo pistol holster and a gel-trap target. 

"Visit the new ( website to learn more about living life as a Marine.  There's an introduction to a Marine field guide that includes actual Marine Corps training tactics," Molin stated.   "When you visit, the code embedded in the dog tags (included with specially marked guns) offers you even more details about life in the Corps," said Molin.  "On the new website, you can even add your own battleground to the interactive map and use it as a networking platform to meet other players near your hometown or far away," he added. 

The U.S. Marine Corps holds a special place in U.S. military history.  "It was no surprise that anticipation for this new line has been building since we announced our licensing agreement with the U.S. Marine Corps," said Molin.  "In addition to its authentic look and feel, Marines Airsoft also meets the shooting needs of recreational airsoft players.  There is something for everyone," he said.


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