Crimson Trace LG-350G Lasergrip

posted on October 30, 2015

Crimson Trace recently released the LG-350 and LG-350G Lasergrips for the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolver. This grip incorporates a full three-finger hold as well as expanded ergonomic rubberized grip sections to assist in controlling recoil, which Crimson Trace calls a "Recoil Reduction Grip." 

Installation is, as with most Crimson Trace Lasergrip products, quite simple: Remove the old grips. Install batteries. Attach grip to handgun. Done! Activation is achieved by the middle finger of the shooting hand, again as with most Lasergrip products (certain grips, like those for the Smith & Wesson M&P series, are activated on the back of the grip). 

As for recoil mitigation, well, I'll attest that it does help somewhat. The 12-ounce, Scandium-frame model 360 firing a 125-grain Hornady Critical Duty was painful, but compared to even .38 Spl. +P loads fired previously it was evident that the new Crimson Trace grips were helping.

With the increased grip area, though, comes a size trade-off. These grips make pocket carry of the J-frame more problematic, so plan accordingly. The 360 serves as a camping/hiking pistol for me and is carried in a Bianchi Pistol pocket IWB holster, so adding a little extra to the grip doesn't change things much. 

MSRP: $399.


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