Coming Soon: More FFLs Who Can Transfer Suppressors?

Two of the biggest names in the retail world team up to make buying a suppressor easier.

posted on February 22, 2023

The announcement this month that Lipsey’s—a nationally renowned firearm distributor that has been in business since the 1953—has entered into an exclusive fulfillment partnership with Silencer Shop is yet another signal that suppressor ownership is growing in popularity. The alliance between Lipsey’s and Silencer Shop is the first of its kind in the industry and will alleviate some of the headache, burden and wait many retailers suffer in handling the National Firearm Act (NFA) item.

Lipsey’s sales team will continue to sell suppressors to its dealer network with no change or interruption. Silencer Shop will then seamlessly handle NFA form processing and fulfillment using its advanced technology. The goal at Lipsey’s is to provide a streamlined dealer experience and benefits that include reduced form processing fees, enhanced compliance and faster shipping turnaround time.

Suppressor ownership in the United States continues to set new records, and this agreement will likely result in more FFLs offering the hearing-health conscious muzzle devices. “Lipsey’s has always appreciated the advanced technology, speed, and reach of Silencer Shop’s business model,” said Lipsey’s Chairwoman and CEO Laurie Lipsey. “With our strength in suppressor sales, the partnership benefits aligned as we can now service our customers in the fastest, most efficient way possible.”

“Silencer Shop has admired Lipsey’s prowess since our founding and our dynamic has always been familial,” said Dave Matheny, founder and CEO of Silencer Shop. “It just makes sense to combine two customer-first brands for the benefit of the Second Amendment Community and to make silencer ownership simplified.”

Celebrating 70 years, Lipsey’s formed initially as a wholesale hunting and fishing 70 years ago in Baton Rouge, LA. Today the company is one of the country’s largest independently owned firearm distributors, offering a complete catalog of firearms, NFA items and accessories.


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