Book Review: In Defense of the Second Amendment

Author Larry Correia provides a helpful guide for refuting anti-gun rhetoric.

posted on January 24, 2023
In Defense of the Second Amendment by Larry Correia book

You may be familiar with author Larry Correia as the, well, opinionated genius behind the popular sci-fi/fantasy “Monster Hunter” series of books. In Correia’s MHI world, all the standard movie monsters—zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc.—are real, and the government pays a bounty to those brave enough to confront them. It’s chock-full of actual, realistic gun content for a reason: Correia is a firearm enthusiast, former gun shop guru and concealed-carry instructor. He knows his way around guns, no question.

In Correia’s own words: “I went from being in the gun business to being a novelist, the writing career took off big time (science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers), this is my 26th book, but first non-fiction. It’s a topic I’ve been passionate about for 30 years. I just wanted to write a book that I hoped would move the needle, by arming people already on our side with better arguments and facts, and then appealing to the fence sitters using both logic and emotion. I come at the debate as a novelist and story teller, not a statistician or policy wonk.”

With the non-fiction “In Defense of the Second Amendment,” Correia takes aim at the disingenuous methods employed by those who would restrict our Second Amendment rights. He dares to use logic and facts to counter the emotional arguments used to justify banning firearms, and offers an exhaustive array of footnotes, quotations, citations and sources to back up his arguments. It’s satisfying to see someone pull together a comprehensive list of the various arguments used to justify infringing on our Second Amendment rights and then simply shred them to pieces with facts and figures.

Oh, yeah, Correia also served time as an accountant, so he’s super into that sort of thing. If there’s a statistic listed, it has been vetted. If there’s a quotation from either side, it’s got a link to the source. All the “I”s are dotted and the “T”s are crossed, so to speak. Of course, Correia does it in his own inimitable way, which means that “In Defense of the Second Amendment” carries a bit of his bombastic nature. Those who might blanch at the occasional, well, let’s say less-than-complimentary description of some of those who would deny our rights should consider themselves warned.

For those who are tired of being blamed for the criminal misuse of firearms, though, it’s a breath of fresh air. “In Defense of the Second Amendment” offers a no-holds-barred approach to debate, a “drink from the firehose” of Second Amendment tutelage. It’s written in an easy-to-understand format with plentiful documentation. If you’ve followed the gun rights movement for any length of time, this book is an absolute must-have in your library. Correia is a powerful, cogent voice for our civil rights, and his work here is top notch.

“In Defense of the Second Amendment” is available on Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble and other outlets. MSRP: $29.99 for the hardcover version.


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