5 Great Household Handgun-Concealment Products

posted on October 1, 2019

Having a handgun that's both secured and easily accessed can be a bit of a chore, and manufacturers are responding with a number of options that allow owners to safely conceal and secure their go-to firearm in a domestic environment without completely cutting off access. Check out some of our favorite handgun-concealment products designed for use in your home.

Made in left- and right-handed variants, Bluestone Safety Products’ Under the Desk Holster is made of heavy-duty, woven elastic to accommodate myriad sizes of compact to full-size handguns and revolvers. It is stitched to a thick-rubber mounting plate with stout nylon thread for enhanced strength to accommodate heavy handguns and pistols without fear of sagging or tearing over time. Metal-lined eyelets along the mounting plate allow for easy anchoring of the holster to virtually any surface, including the underside of desks, inside closets or kitchen cabinets and behind doors and on walls. Mounting hardware is included. MSRP: $22.95; bluestonesafety.com

B. Combining the innocuous appearance of a dictionary with the added portability and security of a lockbox, Bulldog Cases and Vaults’ Deluxe Diversion Book Safe is the perfect size to discreetly stash a small assortment of valuables, such as jewelry, and/or a compact- to mid-size handgun. The steel interior boasts 360 degrees of insurance and a foam-lined interior to prevent damage to contents. A three-wheel combination lock limits access. Colors include blue and tan. MSRP: $39.99; bulldogcases.com

C. With its elegant brown hues and box-joint build, the secretcompartmentfurniture.com ATF Humidor stores more than stogies. Inside the divided interior is an airtight glass jar along with a 12-ounce flask for storing your preferred libation. When something more potent is needed, simply pull the base off of the body of the humidor to reveal a 5x6.5x1.5-inch secret compartment, securely anchored by magnets and perfectly sized for a subcompact handgun. Colors include rich tobacco, rich cherry and harvest. Banded inlay is also available upon request. MSRP: $279; secretcompartmentfurniture.com

D. Available in a variety of finishes and custom woods, the Liberty Home Concealment Peacemaker Mantle Concealment Clock features a hidden 11.25x9.5-inch interior compartment for a handgun secured by robust hinges and a magnetic lock. Kaizen foam lining offers a snug, customizable fit while lessening the telltale rattle of contents. The clock face boasts large, easy-to-read Roman numerals, while the functioning mechanism is powered by a single AA battery. MSRP: $134.99; libertyhomeconcealment.com

E. Benign only in appearance, the Tactical Walls Concealment Nightstand features a secret compartment that lowers from the bottom of the table when two magnetic keys are placed on the tabletop, releasing the bottom and allowing the tray to slide into view. The spacious 14x11.75x2-inch interior is foam-lined and can be cut to fit your preferred handgun and accessories of choice. Finish options include black, clear coat, cherry, Dutch walnut and early American. MSRP: $545: tacticalwalls.com


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