5 Great Appendix-Carry Holsters for EDC

posted on October 2, 2018

Appendix carry (AIWB, for appendix-inside-the-waistband)—where the holster is located in the front of the waistline, typically just off the centerline on the strong-hand side—is one of those polarizing issues in the concealed-carry community. Fans point out the speed of the draw, as one need only bring their hands up rather than reaching around back to the traditional IWB carry position. They’ll also note the greater ease with which one can cover an AIWB setup, as most cover garments tend to hang loosely over that area.

Detractors point out that a pistol carried AIWB generally muzzles one’s, well…femoral artery. Slow reholstering eases that concern. This method can be less comfortable, so a purpose-built AIWB holster is needed.

Dark Star Gear | Orion

Dark Star Gear—a favorite of our Handgun Editor, Tamara Keel—offers AIWB concealability for fans of many popular concealed-carry pistols. It’s adjustable for ride height and cant, and users can select a Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard Claw to help position the Orion on the waistline. The twin-loop attachment system allows the Orion to straddle a belt loop for greater stability, and to keep it from shifting along the beltline. MSRP: $80; darkstargear.com

G-Code | Incog Eclipse

Most-notable on G-Code’s appendix-carry offering, the Incog Eclipse, is the patent-pending “Super MoJo” adaptor that both presents the belt clip in the proper orientation and allows for variations in cant. Available in a wide variety of finishes and offering a full firing grip for correct pistol presentation, the Incog is available with a “shirt guard” option to protect the firearm from sweat, or left as a “half guard” for pistols with micro red-dot sight systems. MSRP: $80; tacticalholsters.com

High Noon Holsters 
One thing that immediately differentiates the High Noon Holsters Instinct from other AIWB offerings is the leather loop for attachment on the belt. Six different colors are available for the Kydex, while the strap can be had in horsehide, cowhide or a laminate. Raven Concealment Systems’ tuckable strut and riser system keeps the Instinct firmly anchored, and allows for adjustments in ride height, cant and even belt width. MSRP: $60.95; highnoonholsters.com

PHLster | Spotlight

New from PHLster is the Spotlight, which (as the name suggests) is built around pistols with weaponlights attached to the front accessory rail. With “anti-printing hardware” (an arm with two different-size pieces to adjust how far it sits off the body), the Spotlight allows the wearer to carry a weaponlight-equipped handgun comfortably all day long. Retention is easily adjusted using a pair of screws to increase or decrease pressure as needed. MSRP: $74.99; phlsterholsters.com

Stealth Gear USA | SG-Revolution

Lightweight and slim, the SG-Revolution appendix-carry holster utilizes a proprietary, vented-polymer material mated to a molded-Kydex shell. With polymer clips that allow it to be hidden under a tucked shirt, as well as a moisture-repelling back surface, the SG-Revolution incorporates numerous features designed to optimize it for appendix-carry use. Additionally, the interior is engineered to decrease drag when the firearm is drawn, facilitating a more-fluid presentation. MSRP: $69; stealthgearusa.com


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