.300 AAC Blackout Lehigh Defense 180-grain Controlled Fracturing

posted on December 13, 2013

The lightest of the subsonic loads tested, it was also the least accurate—unusual for machined bullets from Lehigh Defense. According to Lehigh, this bullet needs a fast twist rate to stabilize, and it shot better from the AAC carbine's 1:7-inch-twist barrel. Cycling reliability was less than 50 percent.

As far as I know, Lehigh Defense is the only manufacturer of expanding, subsonic .308-caliber projectiles. The three petals that break off this bullet peel away after about 3 inches of penetration, while the bullet's base drives to about 25 inches.

Lehigh Defense 180-grain Controlled Fracturing

.300 AAC Blackout factory ammunition round-up



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