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First Look: Aker B02P Duty Belt

First Look: Aker B02P Duty Belt

A good gun belt is an essential part of your gear, no matter if you’re an armed citizen or a member of law enforcement. A good gun belt isn’t just something that threads through your holster and your belt, it keeps everything you rely on in place so it will be there when you need it the most. In addition to this, a good gun belt is rigid enough to not shift and twist under the weight of your gun and gear. This spreads the weight of your gun, holster and other items around your waistband, making it much easier to carry your gun with you every day.  

Now Aker International, Inc. is introducing the new B02P Duty Belt, a made in the USA duty belt that is purposely designed for tactical applications. Aker is known for making a comprehensive line of handcrafted, high-quality leather duty and off-duty products, and has been manufacturing their products in the USA since 1981. Agencies such as  the LAPD and FBI choose Aker for their holster, belt, and accessory needs, along with many other top law enforcement and federal agencies. 

The B02P is the workhorse of the Aker belt line and uses a multi-layer construction with a polymer stiffener, nylon lining, and a three-point release shatter-resistant plastic buckle. The belt is available in plain leather, high gloss, or basket weave laminate and is compatible with Aker’s B08V Velcro Lined Inner Belt for maximum comfort and ease of use. The B02P resists tearing, scuffing, or scratching and can be easily cleaned and maintained, making it ideal for the officer who needs rugged functionality in an easy-to-use system.

MSRP for he B02P Duty belt is $69, and for more information on this product or other items from Aker Leather, please visit akerleather.com for additional information. 

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