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First Look: Champion Small Frame Earmuffs

First Look: Champion Small Frame Earmuffs

Introducing children and young adults to the shooting sports is an American tradition and a great way to pass on America's freedoms to a new generation. Champion Range & Targets is known for making interactive target systems as well as reliable eye and ear protection. Now they are coming out with a new set of hearing protection in the Small Frame Earmuffs that are specifically designed to fit smaller heads, making them ideal for shooters that find traditional hearing muffs too large.

“At Champion, we are constantly looking at the hearing protection market in order to bring the best products to the shooting industry,” said Will Hemeyer, senior product manager for Champion Range & Targets. “Premium materials and comfort have been a key component of our new hearing protection over the last few years.

These small frame muffs were developed based on feedback from shooters with smaller heads who had tried traditional muffs but found them to be too big and uncomfortable. Based on their feedback and from others across our retail channels, we now have the most comfortable set of slim muffs on the market that users can obtain in five exciting color patterns.”

With a noise reduction rating of 21 dB, the Small Frame sound dampening earmuffs have the same effective protection that shooters have come to expect from Champion. The muffs have a comfortable headband that is adjustable to fit for a wide range of ages.

The muffs are also priced for entry-level shooters, allowing you to make sure the whole family's hearing is safe while shooting. The muffs are lightweight and low-profile muffs are made for all-day comfort and come in a variety of color options such as black, gray, pink, orange and blue.

MSRP for the Small Frame ear muff is $14.95. For more information about this product or other gear from Champion hearing protection, please visit championtarget.com.

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