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Hornady Wins .300 BLK DoD Contract

Hornady Wins .300 BLK DoD Contract

A specialized group from the U.S. Department of Defense has purchased an undisclosed amount of .300 Blackout 190-grain Sub-X TAP ammunition from Hornady for use in its close quarter operations. The load’s bullet features the company’s patented Flex Tip technology, which is specifically designed to expand at subsonic velocities, yet meet stringent Federal Bureau of Investigation standards.

The FBI’s ballistics testing protocol requires a projectile to penetrate through a variety of barriers commonly encountered in law enforcement work—glass, vehicle metal, clothing, etc.—yet still retain enough weight and expand sufficiently on impact to deliver fight-stopping terminal performance.

There are other differences in the TAP load, too. Hornady explained in its press release that, “This cartridge is loaded with a powder that is optimized to provide flash suppression, clean burning yet function in short barrel to carbine-length rifles.”

Hornady introduced a .300 Blackout Subsonic line of ammunition for consumers in late 2017. The loads are tailored for the growing number of AR-15 owners who run the firearm suppressed. It also features a 190-grain projectile, which leaves the muzzle at 1,050 fps.

Hornady Ballistics Engineer Jayden Quinlan explained at the time, “The Sub-X bullet was designed from the ground up in .300 Blackout to perform terminally as well as to be a very accurate subsonic bullet."

Terminal performance also meets or beats FBI protocol. Earlier this year one of Hornady’s 6.5 Creedmoor loads was purchased by an undisclosed unit in the U.S. Military. Volume, value and destination of that purchase were not made public, either.

Hornady Manufacturing is a family-owned business established in 1949. It’s headquartered in Grand Island, NE, not far from its original site. Today the company is a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool, accessory and security product design and manufacturing.

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