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First Look: Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit

First Look: Galco Ankle Trauma Medical Kit

You carry a firearm to protect yourself from the threat of lethal force, but that is not the only danger we face today. In today’s turbulent times, it’s not always enough to carry just a firearm. Most self-defense experts, for example, now also recommend carrying an individual first aid kit, should you or someone else become injured, whether in a natural disaster or a defensive situation.

Keeping you and your loved ones alive means more than just carrying a firearm. It also means being able to deal with the life-threatening traumatic injuries or getting out of harm's way as quickly as possible. This where Galco's Ankle Trauma Medical Kit (ATM-KIT) carrier comes in handy. It is designed for convenient everyday carry of medical tools and supplies for first responders, armed citizens, or anyone who wants to be prepared to face an increasingly dangerous world.

The high-grade neoprene band on the ATM-KIT is securely fastened with a hook-and-loop closure. The ATM-KIT has five neoprene pockets of various widths, and each of them has  a retention strap for holding your supplies securely in place until they are needed. The ankle band can  accommodate emergency tools and equipment such as tourniquets, strap cutters, knives, multitools, bandages, clotting agents and other rescue supplies and first-aid gear. 

The ATM-KIT fits ankles or boots up to to 16 inches around. There is also an additional Boot Extender available which increases circumference up to 21 inches for those who need it. The ATM-KIT is sold without tools or supplies: The items shown in the photo are for illustration purposes only. Emergency rescue tools and first aid supplies are sold separately by other sources.

The ATM-KIT is ambidextrous and available in black with an MSRP of $73. More information on this item and other products from Galco is available at galcogunleather.com.

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