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Review: Mission First Tactical Dump Tray

Review: Mission First Tactical Dump Tray

Dump trays are one of those things where you either get it, or you don’t. For me, as someone with mild OCD (okay, those of you who know me, stop laughing), I totally get it. Who wouldn’t love a place to put your stuff? (And no, we’re not going to get into George Carlin’s dissertation on why your s*** is stuff is and other people’s stuff is s*** here…)

Having a central repository for your gear just plain makes sense: When it’s not on your person, it should live in the same place at all times. That way, you always know where your critical gear is.

Mission First Tactical’s Dump Tray gives you that same place. In an area roughly the size of a standard sheet of paper, there are two sections for gear. One section is 3.5x7 inches—about the size of a standard cell phone with protective case—while the other, larger section is 6x7 inches. A ridge along the outside edge and between the two sections keeps things from falling out, while five rubber “feet” keep the dump tray anchored on your nightstand, chest-of-drawers or kitchen counter.

I like to think of the dump tray as a “target” of sorts: It’s where I aim to keep all of my daily gear. Leave the car keys, wallet, knife and light in the large section, with my phone in the second and everything is in one handy place when it’s needed.

Sure, you can just put everything on the counter, nightstand or other surface, but with the dump tray you have a defined area where stuff should go. There’s less chance of playing the “where did I put my %$##% keys” game if you’ve always got a designated space.

In addition to being nearly indestructible and made in the U.S. by veterans, the Mission First Tactical Dump Trays come in a wide variety of graphics and designs sure to appeal to the freedom-loving. American-flag motifs, thin-blue-line, Gadsden and other patriotic designs abound, in addition to standard “Team MFer” fare should you be paralyzed with indecision over which design to choose. MSRP is $29.99 no matter which design you choose.

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