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Review: Blue Force Gear BFG Wallet

Review: Blue Force Gear BFG Wallet

I’m a wallet traditionalist, let me get that out of the way right up front. My entire life, I’ve owned standard , black leather wallets. They’re all bifold, with an ID section, slots for credit cards and inside pockets for a spare business card or other slim item. About every 15 years or so, the wallet I’ve been using gets so beat up and worn out that I go out and buy another one, and invariably it’s the same design. All this changed, though, when I included the Blue Force Gear BFG Wallet in a recent episode of “I Carry.”

Now, granted, the BFG wallet is still on the traditional side. It’s a bifold design with interior pockets for cards, which is not a radical departure from what I’m used to. The proprietary Ultracomp material, though, is; rather than standard leather that absorbs moisture and can deform over time, it’s relatively impervious to the elements (and sweat) while being lighter and more durable. Now, there’s no ID slot, and the four credit card slots don’t separate as much as the dozen or so in the “Constanza” wallet, but those are relatively small changes overall.

The real bonus of the BFG Wallet is in how compact it is. The way the cards and cash are spread out makes for a super-slim wallet that is barely noticeable (in fact, it triggers my OCD a lot more than my leather wallet, because I could always feel the leather wallet in my back pocket so I knew I hadn’t forgotten it. The BFG, on the other hand, is so thin I don’t notice it at first and often have momentary fears I’ve forgotten it at home). Lightweight, resistant to water and sweat and still keeps everything in place? There’s a lot to like about the Blue Force Gear BFG wallet.

MSRP on the BFG Wallet is $65.95. It is available in the tan color shown, as well as gray, green and multi-cam.


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