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First Look: Luth-AR Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector

First Look: Luth-AR Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector

The AR-15 was designed from the outset to work well with right-handed shooters. However, a significant portion of the populace is left-handed, and other shooters are right-handed, but are left-eye dominant. This is called cross-eye dominance, and it can be overcome with a variety of different ways.

Many companies have introduced accessories that help adapt the AR-15 to left-handed and cross-eye dominant users, such as magazine releases, charging handles and safety selectors.

With this in mind, Luth-AR is releasing its new Ambi-Switch Extended Safety/Selector switch for AR-15 pattern firearms. This newly-designed and improved skeletonized and extended ambidextrous safety/selector switch for AR style rifles was built to quickly switch from safe to fire in a fast and easy motion. The sleek modern design hugs the receiver for snag free operation. The selector is lightweight, easy to replace and install and gives you the confidence from the strength of steel on your safety switch.

The Ambi-Switch is perfect for use in shooting competitions where high-speed manipulation of your firearms really counts, and is also useful in situations where gloves are common, such as hunting, law enforcement and military use.


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Large thumb pads for positive indexing
  • Extended skeletonized lever
  • High-speed manipulation
  • Material: 8620 Steel, heat treated to 15N-89-91
  • Finish: Manganese Phosphate

MSRP for the Ambi-Switch safety selector is $34.95, and more information is available at luth-ar.com.

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