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Review: SureFire Dual Fuel Scout Light Pro

Review: SureFire Dual Fuel Scout Light Pro

If you rely on a longarm for home defense—rifle, carbine or shotgun, it doesn’t matter which—having a light on the firearm is imperative. Identifying your target and what’s beyond it is one of the critical four rules, and the mechanics of longarm operation make the use of a handheld light impractical. SureFire, long known for quality illumination tools, has made the process of adding a powerful, durable light to your longarm simple.

When adding any accessory to any firearm the fewer connections you can have the better. It’s fewer screws to tighten—and loosen under recoil—and less weight to carry around. In the case of a weaponlight for a longarm, traditionally these were mounted to a Picatinny rail. That’s great if your rifle or shotgun comes with rails already, but if not, you have two attachments: rail to firearm, light to rail. SureFire’s Scout Light Pro reduces this to one attachment.

Additionally, the manner in which the light attaches makes it quite versatile. Whether it’s a Picatinny rail or an M-Lok attachment slot, the light can be attached in virtually unlimited configurations, right hand, left hand, high-hold, C-clamp, etc. Not only can you attach the light at any position, but the simple pivot allows nearly 180 degrees of adjustment once the light is on the longarm. Get it place, then fine-tune the position so it is exactly where you need it.

Should you need it, there’s 1,500 lumens at your disposal for a run time of up to 1.5 hours, with a projection distance of 250 meters on the included USB-rechargeable 18650 battery. Should you opt for two CR123A batteries, output is reduced to 1,200 lumens, runtime is 1.25 hours and beam projection is 220 meters. That’s not a terribly significant loss between the two methods—certainly more than adequate for the vast majority of home-defense needs. Rounding out specs, weight with battery(ies) is 5.5 ounces, and overall length is 5.56 inches (interesting!). 

And, yes, it even comes in FDE to match your favorite rifle, carbine or shotgun. You know, if you’re one of those oddballs that likes everything to match… MSRP for the Dual Fuel Scout Light Pro is $319.

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