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New for 2020: Victrix Armaments Tormentum

New for 2020: Victrix Armaments Tormentum

Designed for sporting and military applications, Victrix Armaments makes some of the most advanced long-range rifle platforms in the world. One of the newest offerings is the Victrix Tormentum, which was on hand at the 2020 SHOT Show and is chambered in either .375 Cheytac or .408 Cheytac and is built for the longest distances.

Ideal for military, law enforcement or extreme long-range shooting, the Tormentum features an Octagonal Eliptic fore-end with a folding Evo stock and five-round polymer magazine. A highly adjustable Advanced buttstock and soft touch cheekpiece allow for custom fit to any shooter, while a 30-inch, fluted, match-grade AISI 416R barrel delivers unparalleled accuracy. A detachable three-chamber muzzle brake softens recoil, while a selectable single- or double-stage trigger offers adjustable pull weight.

The .408 Cheytac was developed for an effective precision range of 2,200 yards and was intended to compete with the .50 BMG and .338 Lapua Mag. Most ammunition features a 420-grain projectile. Factory-loaded ammunition runs about $7.50 per round.

Anything but light, the Tormentum tips the scales at 28 pounds and features a 45-MOA top rail and full-length side rail. Overall length varies with length-of-pull adjustment and folding, ranging from 48 to 58 inches. A multi-function handle and lower fore-end allow for carrying, bipod attachment and for those so interested, a heli-sniping rod attachment. The Tormentum has an MSRP of $12,000.   

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