New for 2020 Video: Laugo Arms Alien Pistol

posted on January 21, 2020
While you might not be familiar with Laugo Arms, something tells us you're going to be hearing a lot about this company in the coming weeks and months. Partnered with Lancer Systems, Laugo Arms is bringing its novel Alien pistol to the U.S. with its fixed barrel, low bore axis and partially fixed slide. It's a system more commonly seen on rimfire pistols, and it results in a more accurate handgun that lessens recoil, shoots extremely flat and works well with optics.

We had a chance to shoot the Alien at Industry Day at the Range ahead of SHOT Show 2020, and everything the company claims about the Alien was borne out in our (admitted limited) range time. The Alien does, indeed, shoot quite flat; it's evidently quite accurate as even I, a mediocre pistol shot on my best day, was ringing steel at speed and the recoil is quite tame. It's a firearm that really has to be shot to be believed, and while there's been a fair amount of hype, this is one that might just live up to it all...


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Rico RS HD75 thermal optic

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