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New for 2020: SIG Sauer Handguns

SIG Sauer hosted a range-day event the weekend before SHOT Show 2020, and we were in attendance to see (and shoot) some of the company's new-for-2020 offerings. Of greatest interest to us, of course, were the new self-defense and concealed carry handguns, and SIG had several for us to investigate. Technically, the three that we highlight in this video are all line extensions—updated versions of existing products. But, they're all new for 2020 and pretty darn cool.

First up is the P210 Carry. Yes, you heard that right. When SIG resurrected the P210 in 2017, bringing production to the states and reducing the price to a more affordable level(ish), there were a handful of calls for a piece more suited for concealed carry. One really needs to shoot a P210 to fully appreciate it (but be careful. Your wallet might hurt, because you will want to buy one...), and one of the most important aspects in a personal-defense handgun is that you can hit what you're aiming at. SIG shortened the P210, added SIGLITE night sights and voila! Carry version.

The other two are the P365 XL with Romeo Zero red-dot sight and the P320X RXP Compact with Romeo1Pro red-dot sight. It's clear that red-dot-equipped handguns are establishing themselves as a serious market, and quite possibly the big trend of 2020. SIG is now offering its popular P365 with a micro-dot, and the P320X Compact with a mini-dot. Both the P365 XL and P320X RXP Compact retain the same specs as their iron-sight brethren, save MSRP of course, and keep an eye for more new offerings like these from SIG.

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