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New for 2019: Smith & Wesson Model 648

New for 2019: Smith & Wesson Model 648

For 2019, Smith & Wesson Inc. Is reintroducing one of its classic guns: the Model 648 revolver chambered in .22 WMR. Built on Smith & Wesson’s K-frame, the stainless-steel Model 648 features an eight-round capacity and is designed for small-game hunting and target shooting. Smith & Wesson rimfire revolvers are known throughout the firearms world for the outstanding accuracy, and the 648 takes that legacy of accuracy and teams it up with the increased punch of the .22 Mag. cartridge.

The new Model 648 features an adjustable rear sight and patridge-style front sight for enhanced accuracy when shooting at longer range, along with a 6-inch barrel complete with a full underlug that adds more weight to the muzzle-end of the gun for stability and recoil-management.

“Built on the medium K-frame, the Model 648 is back in production to satisfy the needs of handgun owners who are looking to achieve greater distance while hunting or target shooting," said Jan Mladek, general manager of Smith & Wesson and M&P brands. "With a full underlug six-inch barrel and a patridge front sight, the Model 648 has been designed with features to boost accuracy at longer distances. While we currently offer .22 Magnum revolvers in both our J-frame and Classics line, we are excited to add this new .22 Magnum revolver to the modern K-frame lineup.”

The revolver features an external hammer for both single- and double-action operation, and the all-steel construction means the gun weighs in at 42 ounces, unloaded. The overall length of the gun is 11.1 inches.

MSRP on the Smith & Wesson 648 is $749, and more information is available at smith-wesson.com.

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