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First Look: MTM Case-Gard Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher

First Look: MTM Case-Gard Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher

Cleaning and maintaining your firearms is one of the essential, yet filthy and unenjoyable parts of gun ownership. When following correct cleaning procedures by pushing patches and brushes from breech to muzzle, it's inevitable that solvent-soaked patches, dripping with filthy carbon fouling, will exit the muzzle end of your rifle or shotgun and end up on the floor, chair, table or other surface inside your home or shop and leave its nasty residue all over the place. Keep the mess to a minimum by adding the MTM Case-Gard Cleaning Patch Catcher to your maintenance kit.

The Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher is designed as the ideal splatter-containment box for cleaning rifles and shotgun barrels. It fits anything from a .22 LR firearm up to most double-barrel shotguns. Molded in the USA from chemical resistant, see-through polypropylene, the patch catcher stops the splatter when pushing a bore brush and prevents fouling and solvent from dribbling all over your bench or table. To use the patch catcher, simply slide the unit over the muzzle, pull tightly on the strap to lock it in place and clean the barrel.

The catcher allows you to pour solvent in the barrel for initial breakup without the mess and stops solvent spray from bore brush bristles. When it's time to run patches, simply push the patch through the barrel with a piercing jag and then pull the cleaning rod back out through the receiver. The patch will fall off the jag and stay in the Catcher, keeping your hands clean of dirty solvent. As the patches accumulate in the Catcher, they absorb the contaminated solvent for easy cleanup. The Gun Cleaning Patch Catcher opens wide for quick clean out.

Each MTM Case-Gard Cleaning Patch Catcher features a translucent-green finish, and the rounded edges on the inside of the box make it easy to wipe fouling and solvent out after cleaning. The suggested retail price on the unit is $11.65.

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