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5 New Rifles & Shotguns Seen at NRAAM 2019

5 New Rifles & Shotguns Seen at NRAAM 2019

Along with a number of new concealed-carry guns, which you can see here, the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits saw manufacturers launch a number of new rifles and shotguns. Shooting Illustrated staff explored the more than 15 acres of guns and gear to find the highlights, and we found a few options that stood out from the crowd. Here are several new firearms on the market this year:

Armscor VRBP100 ($599)

The last couple of years saw the launch of several short, bullpup-style shotguns to the U.S. market, giving American consumers a potent, self-defense platform without the added length of a traditional, 18.5-inch barreled shotgun. One of the latest launches in 2019 is the new VRBP100 from Armscor/Rock Island Armory, which is chambered for up to 3-inch 12-gauge shotshells and feeds from a detachable box magazine. The semi-automatic shotgun still features the mandated 18.5-inch barrel, but the bullpup-style design ensures that it can be easily handled.

Bergara BXR .22 LR ($659)

This year saw the launch of several 10/22-inspired rimfire rifles, like the ones from Azimuth Technologies and T/C Arms. One of the latest manufacturers to add its own particular flavor of 10/22 to the lineup is Bergara Rifles, a company known for producing incredibly accurate rifles. To access the incredible aftermarket of 10/22 accessories, the Bergara BXR is compatible with all 10/22-style magazines and drop-in trigger packs.

CZ-USA Scorpion EVO S3 Magpul ($TBD)

Pistol-caliber carbines are hot right now, and one of the popular options on the market is the CZ-USA Scorpion EVO 3 S1 carbine. At the 2019 SHOT Show, Magpul announced the launch of a complete accessory and enhancement line designed for the EVO 3, and by the NRA Show, both companies worked together to unveil a Magpul-enhanced Scorpion EVO that consumers can order straight from their local gun shop.

Remington Model 700 American Hunter ($1,349)

As a tactical and concealed-carry oriented magazine, Shooting Illustrated staff doesn't normally highlight hunting rifles. However, at the 2019 NRAAM, Shooting Illustrated's sister publication, American Hunter, unveiled a rifle that's been years in the making. Remington designers sat down with the lifelong hunters on the American Hunter staff and designed the perfect whitetail-hunting rifle, built from the ground up according to staff specifications. The resulting Model 700 NRA American Hunter is a limited-edition rifle loaded with special features. We particularly like the 6.5 Creedmoor chambering.

Springfield Armory SAINT Victor .308 ($1,399)

Speaking of short-action rifles, Springfield Armory expanded its AR-style rifle lineup with the new SAINT Victor .308, the first AR-style .308 built since Springfield launched its SAINT rifle lineup a few years back. What's amazing about the this .308 is that it doesn't really look or feel like other short-action ARs on the market. This rifle is built to be light and compact, feeling more like a standard AR-15 than an AR-10. The rifle uses a lightweight-profile, 16-inch barrel and weighs 7 pounds, 11 ounces, unloaded.

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