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First Look: Primary Arms GLx4 Riflescopes

First Look: Primary Arms GLx4 Riflescopes

Offering increased optics options to a growing number of precision-rifle shooters in 2019, Primary Arms developed a new line of GLx4 riflescopes, all designed in the USA and built in modern manufacturing facilities located in the Phillipines. Models are available in 2.5-10x44mm, 4-16x50mm, 6-24x50mm options, each with a reticle located in the first focal plane.

The first focal plane design of the Primary Arms GLx4 riflescopes reflect a growing trend in optics manufacturing, as shooters move away from second focal plane options toward first focal plane scopes. The benefit of an FFP reticle is that hash marks inside the reticle adjust along with magnification, allowing shooters to make accurate, in-reticle adjustments at any magnification level.

However, the downside to this design is that crosshairs and reticle marks also grow and shrink with magnification power, and this can make for thicker reticle hairs at high magnification levels that aren't well-suited for pinpoint shots. The Primary Arms GLx4 FFP optics balance this reality well, thanks to the company's Advanced Combined Sighting System, available in both MOA and MIL adjustments.

To withstand the rigors of action-style range competitions or heavy field use, each GLx4 riflescope is constructed from a combination of 6061 and 7075 aluminum, along with stainless-steel and hardened-steel components in critical stress ares of the scope. In particular, Primary Arms opted out of traditional brass-based turret systems in favor of a more-durable combination of steel and aluminum. As well as enhancing the ruggedness of the optic, the new design also aims to improve turret-tracking precision.

Reticles in the Primary Arms GLx4 series of riflescopes are illuminated and powered by the company's AutoLife technology, which automatically shuts off an illuminated reticle after three minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life. Once an optic is picked up and motion is detected, the system automatically lights up again at the user's selected brightness setting. Another feature found in the GLx4 line of optics include Zlock zero-reset turrets, which automatically lock into place at a user's zero, so shooters can move while knowing that a stray brush or bump won't suddenly adjust their turret.

Primary Arms GLx4 series of riflescopes retail from $749 up to $899, depending on the model selected and are supported by the company's lifetime warranty.

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