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NRA Launches 'Gun Rights Week in Review' Column

NRA Launches 'Gun Rights Week in Review' Column

To highlight the threat posed to our firearm-ownership rights across the country, America's First Freedom launched a new weekly column penned by Frank Miniter, a former executive editor for NRA Publications and a nationally recognized expert and commentator on the Second Amendment. The new column, published every Friday, brings a fresh, clear look at the ultimate efforts of anti-gunners across the country to disarm law-abiding citizens, as well as highlights statements and movements from supporters of gun rights in America.

America's First Freedom, an official journal of the National Rifle Association, launched the "Gun Rights Week in Review" column as part of a renewed push to highlight the unprecedented assault on the Second Amendment, particularly by anti-gun politicians in Washington, D.C. Each column opens with a major story, such as the Democrat's push for renewed legislation on so-called "assault weapons," or the more-recent push by House Democrats to push H.R. 8, the "Background Checks Act of 2019." Proponents of these bills couch their support with blanket statements that highlight "common sense" or "safety" as being the primary motivators behind these pushes.

Miniter uses this weekly column to expose the hypocrisy behind these "common-sense" proposals, explaining how the bills being proposed would have done nothing to stop recent acts of gun violence. Additionally, Miniter also uses the review as a platform to highlight efforts by pro-gun politicians and activists to push for enhanced enforcement of laws currently on the books, like the Fix NICS proposal designed to aid law-enforcement agencies in enforcing laws already on the books. Other highlights from the weekly column include revealing anti-freedom quotes from leading anti-gunners spoken or written during the previous week, as well as pro-freedom quotes from some of our foremost Second Amendment supporters.

Miniter, a field editor for American Hunter, is also a contributor to a number of nationally recognized media channels and publications, including Forbes, National Review, Boy's Life, FOX News, The Washington Times, American Rifleman, Washington Examiner and NRA News, among others. He's also the author of several books, including "Kill Big Brother," "This Will Make a Man Out of You—One Man's Search for What Makes Men" and "The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide—Recovering the Lost Art of Manhood."

Stay tuned to the "Gun Rights Week in Review" column at the America's First Freedom website here.

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