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First Look: CMC Triggers AR-15 Combat Curve Trigger

First Look: CMC Triggers AR-15 Combat Curve Trigger

CMC Triggers is introducing its new AR-15/AR-10 Combat Curve Trigger (CCT) for 2019, combining the comfort of the classic curved trigger with the ease of indexing found in CMC’s patented flat trigger. The CMC CCT boasts a smooth feel, clean break, a faster lock time and lightning-fast reset.

Since 2003, CMC Triggers has been designing and manufacturing high-quality drop-in trigger groups for AR-15 and AR-10 style firearms. CMC’s critical sear engagement surfaces feature a proprietary machining process that provides superior surface finish and dimensional control, allowing for extraordinary tight tolerances and mirror-like surface finishes. The sear engagement overlap on a CMC Trigger is also six to eight times greater than the company's competitors, providing a much safer trigger and enhanced reliability.

CMC AR-15/AR-10 Combat Curve Trigger (CCT) Features

  • Single Stage Match Trigger
  • Ultra-crisp 3.5-pound trigger pull with no creep prior to hammer release
  • Glass-smooth break with no feel of grittiness
  • Minimal lock time is designed into the assembly using controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring; ensures reliable function with hard military primers
  • Positive trigger reset allows a quick follow-up shot on target
  • Trigger pull is factory pre-set and not user adjustable
  • Hand-assembled, and hand-tested
  • Totally self-contained one-piece assembly
  • Includes CMC Anti-Walk Pin Set
  • Fits mil-spec AR-15 and AR-10 style rifles
  • Made from 8620 Alloy Steel and S7 Tool Steel with machined tolerances of +/– .001 inch

MSRP of the Combat Curved Trigger is $195.99, and more information is available at cmctriggers.com.

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