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SHOT Show 2019 Guns: Knight's Armament Templar

SHOT Show 2019 Guns: Knight's Armament Templar

Knight’s Armament Company has teamed up with SureFire, LLC to announce the KAC Templar, an AR-15 pattern rifle with integral SureFire Warden-SD blast diffusion/direction. The Templar is not subject to NFA tax stamp requirements for short-barreled rifles (SBRs) or suppressors, but delivers many of the benefits of a suppressed SBR in a defensive or patrol-rifle role.

Upon first handling the KAC Templar, it is immediately impressive how compact and well-balanced the rifle is, with the SureFire Warden-SD blast diffuser nestled neatly within the end of the full-length free floating aluminum M-Lok handguard.  Knight’s Armament permanently attaches the 2.4-inch Warden-SD to a hammer forged and chrome lined 13.7-inch barrel, resulting in a 16.1-inch legal barrel length exempt from state or federal SBR restrictions.

The SureFire Warden-SD blast diffuser integrated into the Templar is a new version which marks a significant evolution of SureFire’s existing Warden muzzle device product line.  The new Warden-SD combines all of the best features of a linear compensator with a specially designed expansion chamber which directs the vast majority of blast and concussion directly forward of the shooter’s firing position. This greatly reduces the overpressure effects to either side of the muzzle, as well as limiting the dust clouds that can quickly obscure visibility when shooting from a prone position.

The Knight’s Templar rifle includes all of the high end features you would expect of a KAC product, including well-designed and cleanly integrated ambidextrous controls for magazine release, bolt release, and fire/safe selector. This is a hard-duty rifle intended to deliver performance under the worst possible conditions, and it shows.

MSRP for the Templar has not been announced, but is expected to be in line with KAC’s premium pricing for their civilian-market rifles. The new SureFire Warden-SD will be available separately from the Templar and will retail for $180.

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