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APPEARS IN SHOT Show 2019 Optics

First Look: Meprolight MEPRO FORESIGHT

First Look: Meprolight MEPRO FORESIGHT

Optical-sighting technology took a leap forward in 2019 with the introduction of the world's first augmented firearm sight: the Meprolight MEPRO FORESIGHT. This innovative, new optic is designed with a heads-up display that provides real-time tactical information to shooters in the sight picture of their optic.

Data projected onto the sight picture of the optic includes what kind of battery life is left, Bluetooth connections, shot counter and sensor data. Users will also be able to count on an integrated compass for directions, as well as an included leveling tool that allows users to perform precision shots with a completely-level platform. In addition, five different reticles are available, each purpose-built to offer different advantages in multiple mission- or firearm-based scenarios. The optic also features an automatic brightness sensor, which will automatically adjust the illuminated reticle and technical data's brightness level based on ambient lighting.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Meprolight MEPRO FORESIGHT allows users to pair the optic up to their phone to take advantage of Meprolight's FORESIGHT app. In this app, shooters can store up to 10 different zeroing profiles, enabling them to set an optics zero for 10 different guns and swap the optic across each firearm with ease. Firmware updates will also provide increased reticle options to shooters, allowing them to take advantage of improvements in reticle technology.

Each Meprolight MEPRO Foresight is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which is charged through a user-accessible USB-C input. The overall dimensions of the optic measure 4.6 x 2.35 x 2.65 inches, and the total weight of the sight is just 9.9 ounces. The window size of the optic is 1.3 x .787 inches. Expected availability of the new optic is April 2019. The suggested retail price on the optic is $714.

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