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First Look: PepperBall LifeLite FlashLauncher

First Look: PepperBall LifeLite FlashLauncher

Long known for its line of law-enforcement and military less-lethal devices, PepperBall has now entered the commercial market with a less-lethal, personal-defense device that provides consumers with several useful capabilities. The all-new LifeLite FlashLauncher is built to look and perform like a flashlight, but inside the non-descript housing is a specially designed launcher loaded with the company's PepperBall projectiles.

“LifeLite is the first non-lethal personal defense unit of its kind,” said Ron Johnson, CEO of United Tactical Systems. “We wanted to create something that was less intimidating than your traditional personal defense mechanisms, but just as effective. And that’s what we did: We designed a unit that’s powerful, user-friendly and, most importantly, safe for everyday consumers. Basically, the device combines the chemistry of pepper spray with the precision of a high-powered pneumatic device, and the result is highly effective.”

As a convenient, daily tool, the LifeLite FlashLauncher is built with a powerful LED flashlight that provides an output of 350 lumens, activated by a simple push-button switch on the side of the device. However, when further deterrent is needed, the launcher features a safety tab that, when removed, exposes a trigger and activates an aiming laser. Inside the unit, five PepperBall projectiles are ready to fire, powered by C02 cartridges that drive the projectiles out at a maximum speed of 270 feet per second and a range of 60 feet. The operating system allows one PepperBall to be fired with each push of the trigger until the unit is empty. Once the projectile hits its intended target, the ball explodes, releasing a cloud of specially designed irritant that attacks the eyes, nose and lungs.

The overall weight of the FlashLauncher is 1.75 pounds, making it easy to stash in a bag. The launcher is sold as part of a complete kit. When users purchase a LifeLite FlashLauncher, they also receive three 12-gram C02 cartridges, 10 inert practice rounds and five PepperBall self-defense rounds. The suggested retail price for the less-lethal product is $299.99. Products will be available in the summer of 2018.

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