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Review: Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling IWB/Pocket Holster

Review: Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling IWB/Pocket Holster

The Comfort Cling holster from Clinger Holsters, the company’s foray into clipless and loopless friction-retention holsters, provides a great deal for those seeking an inexpensive universal holster for inside-the-waistband wear. Thanks to an entry-level MSRP, the holster provides an incredible amount of value for first-time concealed carriers looking to try out different carry methods. It could also be an inexpensive backup holster for veteran CCW holders to have on-hand, just in case anything's out of sorts with their primary carry rig.

Upon first examination, the outside of the holster did not seem terribly tacky. I worried that, upon my first draw, the holster would simply skitter out of my waistband along with the gun. After attempting draws with several different guns, from a compact 3-inch 1911 to a carry-sized Sig P227, I am happy to report I was dead wrong.

The Comfort Cling holster (as well as a matching mag pouch, which I also tested), is designed with a three-layer construction. The exterior is made from a durable non-slip fabric to prevent the holster’s egress during draw. The middle layer provides a light cushion with a Gel feel to it while still weighing considerably less than foam. Finally, the inner layer is crafted from ballistic nylon, with a low-friction surface to allow the gun (or magazine, in the case of the mag pouch) to slide smoothly from retention at a moment’s notice.

Designed to fit a wide range of handguns, the Comfort Cling holster possesses a relatively indistinct shape, making it great for carry in virtually any position one desires, be it appendix, small of the back or elsewhere. The magazine pouch is similarly universal and fit every magazine I put in it, from slim, single-stack 1911 magazines to double-stack .45 ACP magazines.

The holster and mag pouch are billed as IWB or pocket carriers (the mag pouch is actually billed as only for the pocket, though it works fine in the waistband). When it comes to the second carry method, I urge caution. Both the mag pouch and holster provided reliably consistent draws from the pocket while wearing moderately tighter jeans. However, in any loose-fitting clothing, dress pants in particular, neither the pouch nor the holster are sticky (or bulky) enough to lodge themselves in the pocket and come out freely.

If the holster's exterior were "stickier," it might solve that problem. However, without any kind of belt-attachment point to securely retain the holster, users of these kinds of rigs risk the chance that their carry gun or spare magazines may not come free of the magazine. This is all the more reason to test and practice potential concealed-carry gear with your clothing before counting on it for personal defense.

The Comfort Cling Holster and its matching Mag Pouch are both available for only $19.95 apiece, making them clear winners on the price front. The company offers a choice between a Comfort Cling for either a single- or a double-stack handgun.

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