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MG Arms Behemoth

MG Arms Behemoth

When custom manufacturer MG Arms decided it wanted to go big, the company really went big. .50 BMG big. One of the many exciting new arms at the  NRA 144th Annual Meeting was MG Arms' Behemoth, a semi-automatic .50 BMG rifle.

So new that it is listed as an insert in the company's 2015 catalog, the Behemoth offers unparalleled firepower and long range reach. A host of custom touches, which should surprise no one familiar with the company's other top-shelf offerings, include the Super Eliminator muzzle brake, a KeyMod handguard, five-shot detachable magazine and 5-pound trigger.

With an MSRP starting at $12,200, the Behemoth will only be an impulse buy for a certain few. For dedicated long-range shooting enthusiasts who feel the .50 BMG is the best long range cartridge, having a top-shelf, accurate rifle from which to launch the .50 BMG is worth every penny.

.50 BMG MG Arms semi-auto rifle

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