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Restrictive Firearms Ordinance Doesn't Play in Peoria

Restrictive Firearms Ordinance Doesn't Play in Peoria

"Will it play in Peoria?" is a historic figure of speech traditionally used to ask if a particular product, theme or idea is compatible with Main Street America's customs and values.

It became apparent this week that a restrictive firearms regulation earlier included in the Northern Illinois city's "deadly weapons ordinance" clearly didn't play in Peoria. The ordinance, which required the submissions of a buyer's thumbprint for the purchase of any handgun in the city limits was repealed Oct. 14 in the wake of threatened legal action by the Illinois State Rifle Association.

During its regular session this week, the Peoria City Council approved a measure that vacated portions of the deadly weapons ordinance without discussion, as reported by The Peoria Journal Star. The state's leading firearms advocacy group threatened possible legal action against the city if the ordinance was not repealed, claiming the thumbprint requirement conflicted with the state's concealed carry legislation passed in 2013.

"A lawsuit had been prepared with Peoria residents as named plaintiffs together with the Illinois State Rifle Association, and we were poised to file suit immediately if the ordinance had not been repealed," said ISRA general counsel Victor Quilici.

Under the ordinance, handgun purchasers would have been required to submit a right thumbprint and a signature. The certificate that included the thumbprint was to be submitted to the police department within 24 hours of the purchase.

"Ultimately, it was decided that the City Council should repeal the entire section of the ordinance, which required thumbprints of handgun purchasers, and which contained other provisions adversely impacting handgun possession, transportation and transfers," Quilici said.

The repeal of the ordinance was effective immediately.

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