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NRA Challenges Illinois Gun Ban

The National Rifle Association is challenging the recent gun ban passed in Illinois.

Carry Permit Demand Skyrockets in Illinois

Recent events have sparked interest in concealed carry in even somewhat unexpected places.

Florida & Arkansas Police Departments Choose SIG Sauer P320

Since the U.S. military's adoption of the SIG Sauer P320 design, numerous police departments have chosen the platform as their duty pistol.

Cook County Board Poised to Impose Ammo Tax

The ruling board of the most populous county of Illinois appears poised to approve a measure that would add a tax to each round of ammunition sold by retailers within its boundaries.

Illinois Shooting Facility Becomes Pawn in Budget Battle

The World Shooting and Recreational Complex, located in Sparta, IL, and home to numerous national and regional shooting sports events, has been ordered closed to the public as of Oct. 1, the most recent victim of a partisan budget standoff in the state capital.

Restrictive Firearms Ordinance Doesn't Play in Peoria

A local ordinance imposing draconian and unusual requirements on citizens purchasing firearms has been stricken in Peoria, IL.

Shepard v. Madigan Plaintiff Receives Illinois Concealed Carry Permit

The plaintiff in the landmark case that brought legal concealed carry to Illinois has received her IL permit to carry.

Illinois Moves Forward With Implementation of CCL Process

Illinois, the last state in the union to permit some form of concealed carry, is putting the finishing touches on its permitting process.

Illinois Lawmakers Override Governor's Attempt to Grab Guns

State legislature overrides governor's amendatory veto and protects gun rights.

Voters in 10 Illinois Counties Support Concealed Carry

Somewhat lost in the clamor of U.S. presidential and important congressional contests decided at the polls on Nov. 6 was the quiet-but-convincing message sent to Illinois lawmakers from voters in 10 percent of the state's counties in support of concealed carry of firearms.

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