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The New Raptor Series from Cutting Edge Bullets

The New Raptor Series from Cutting Edge Bullets

"You owe it to the animal to put it down as quickly as possible", says Randy Leopold, National Sales Manager at Cutting Edge Bullets. The new ESP Raptor, Enhanced System Projectiles, (trademark pending) bullet produced by Cutting Edge Bullets is designed to create the absolute best terminal performance and accuracy on the market. The top portion of the bullet is designed that after it penetrates the animal at approximately 2", the top portion of the bullet blows off into six petals that move away from the main wound channel in a star pattern. The main projectile continues to penetrate. "This design creates immediate massive amounts of damage resulting in quicker, if not instant, kills with less animal traumatic duration." says Leopold.

"The bullets devastating and immediate shock and stopping power on the animals was as dramatic as I've witnessed in my 17 year professional hunting career. In all three cases, the animals hit the ground within seconds." Cliff Walker, Professional Hunter

Cutting Edge Bullets are designed for the hunter or match grade shooter that insists on the highestquality bullet available and are extremely accurate solid projectiles with unbeatable terminal performance.

If you'd like more information about the ESP Raptor, go to www.cuttingedgebullets.com.

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