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9 mm 115-grain Remington JHP

9 mm 115-grain Remington JHP

This load represents a standard, conventionally styled, copper-jacketed lead hollow-point bullet. According to many "experts," this type of bullet is insufficient for personal protection. This is partly due to the fact they are not some modern engineering marvel representing the latest in bullet-making technology, and partly because many feel a bullet jacket and core have to be bonded together to stop bad guys. The results speak for themselves. With expansion of 1.8 times its original diameter and an average penetration of 12 inches, this load should be a solid performer in the 9 mm chambering. Of the 167 shootings investigated by Evan Marshall in his book "Street Stoppers," this load delivered one-shot-stops 81 percent of the time. I carried this load in my Browning Hi-Power when off-duty for many years.

Shooting Results
Load IV (fps) PEN (inches) ED (inch) RW (grains)
9 mm 115-grain Remington JHP 1,209 12.25 .64 114
9 mm hollow point Remington

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