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.32 H&R Mag. Federal Personal Defense 85-grain JHP

.32 H&R Mag. Federal Personal Defense 85-grain JHP

The .32 H&R Mag. is one of the most underrated self-defense cartridges. If offers light recoil and is available in compact revolvers that produce less recoil than those in .38 Spl. It is an excellent choice for very recoil sensitive shooters and is a great practice cartridge for owners of the much more powerful .327 Fed. Mag. The 85-grain JHP bullet loaded by Federal in its Personal Defense offering for the .32 H&R Mag. is actually a Hornady XTP bullet. This load proves the laws of physics dictate terminal performance. Expanding to only .38 inch, this load penetrated the deepest of any load currently in the Terminal Tuesday archives.

Shooting Results
Load IV (fps) PEN (inches) ED (inch) RW (grains)
.32 H&R Mag. Federal 85-grain JHP 1,046 18.00 .38 81

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