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The Mountain State Affair

The Mountain State Affair

As if being a master machinist isn't a large enough feather to sport in one's cap, Joe Hayes of Hayes Pistolsmithing is also one heck of a gunsmith. (He can make Col. Colt's warhorse purr like a kitten). But as much as he loves the 1911, Joe really loves truly unique challenges.

For the past several years he's been my go-to guy for barrel threading. During that time I've given him some pretty challenging specimens including a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 and Walter G22. Nonetheless, Joe's tackled anything I've ever thrown his way with considerable enthusiasm. His reaction was much the same concerning my U.N.C.L.E. Special project. Given that, I recently sent him my pistol (and a copy of my approved ATF Form 1) along with an assortment of parts including samples of Brad's plastic handguard and suppressor, Steve's stock parts and my carbine barrel. In turn, Joe's going to make an aluminum hand guard and dummy suppressor for my carbine. He'll also complete the stock kits.

As a final component to the project, I'm having a removable single-shot chamber conversion made in .22 in order to mimic the sound of sleep-inducing darts firing either .22 LR or .22 shorts through the pistol.

Photos of the completed carbine will soon follow.

Contact Hayes Pistolsmithing: (304) 645-1887

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