Walther Introduces New P22 Pistol With Integrated Laser

posted on January 17, 2012

Combining reliable performance with an advanced sighting device, the new P22 is designed especially for shooters seeking a versatile, well-rounded .22 LR pistol.

Featuring a uniquely designed laser sight built into the pistol frame, the new Walther P22 allows for rapid target acquisition with the simple press of a button. Compact, durable and seamlessly integrated to fit in front of the trigger guard, the new laser design will benefit shooters of all experience levels. The integrated laser is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation and features a one-and-one-half hour run time of continuous operation. Battery replacement is made easy by simply unscrewing the battery cover. The class 3A laser offers a sight-in range of up to 25 meters and provides shooters with a 7mm focal point at 10 meters and a 15mm focal point at its furthest distance.

The integrated laser is designed to handle a wide range of temperature settings, allowing users to deploy the laser device regardless of weather conditions. To activate the laser on the new P22, Walther has added a simple two-setting push button that enables the laser device to be easily turned on and off. The design of the new laser sight provides the accuracy that shooters require without adding excess weight or bulk to the balance of the pistol.

"Since its introduction, the Walther P22 has been met with wide acclaim from recreational shooters around the globe," said Shaun Phelan, Walther Product Manager for Smith & Wesson. "Now, with the availability of a new integrated laser, the P22 has been upgraded to incorporate the latest in laser technology, while still continuing to deliver those qualities that have made it a favorite of shooting enthusiasts for so many years."

Manufactured on a lightweight polymer frame, the P22 features a short, 3.42-inch barrel that contributes to a compact overall length of 6.3 inches. The traditional double-action pistol is engineered to accommodate both left and right-handed shooters with an ambidextrous safety and magazine release conveniently located on the bottom of the trigger guard. For improved firearm control, the P22 features Walther's new cross-directional tactical textured grip and two interchangeable backstraps, allowing for a customized fit.

Additional features of the new P22 include front and rear slide serrations, a loaded chamber indicator and a magazine disconnect which prevents the pistol from firing when the magazine is removed. On top of the barrel, the P22 is standard with adjustable front and rear sights for improved accuracy when the laser is not in use. The pistol is further supported with hammer and firing pin blocks for safe operation as well as the ability to interchange the barrel.

The P22 is suitable for carry with its 1.1-inch frame width and unloaded weight of 16.4 ounces. The pistol also features simple disassembly and reassembly without the need for tools and is shipped with one magazine. To accommodate consumers who reside in states that permit sound suppressors, the P22 is standard with a threaded barrel.


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