Vista Outdoor Named Conservation Partner for Boy Scouts

posted on July 18, 2017
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Vista Outdoor was named Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) official conservation partner earlier this month, and the company’s Federal Premium, CCI, Savage Arms, Gold Tip, CamelBak and Bell brands will support the organization’s efforts in several of its most popular programs. BSA was formed in 1910 and is the nation’s largest youth organization—a position it has held unchallenged for much of its history.

BSA’s shooting programs and ability to adapt are part of the attraction. “NRA Rifle and Shotgun Certification Courses” have been a mainstay for years, but it recently added an NRA-approved “Multi-Gun Airsoft Experience,” “Scouting Pistol Safety and Marksmanship,” “Cowboy Action Shooting” and “Competitive Pistol” to an already long list of firearm-related activities. Challenge grants are even available if any of the 274 local councils need funding to improve or start a qualifying firearm-related course of study. 

"Scouting takes young people on adventures and lessons of character and leadership in the most remarkable classroom imaginable—the outdoors," said Brad Farmer, assistant chief scout executive leading the office of development for BSA. "We are honored to partner with Vista Outdoor, an organization that shares our respect for the outdoors and long-lasting commitment environmental stewardship."

Vista’s not the only firearm legend to help the group and the youths it serves. Daisy was recognized as the official airgun of BSA in April and is providing inflatable ranges for use at campsites across the country.

“As the nation’s leading organization that brings outdoor adventures to life for millions of young people, we greatly appreciate the support and commitment that Daisy Outdoor Products is providing to Scouting through this important partnership,” said Farmer said at the announcement.

"Vista Outdoor’s mission is to bring the world outside," said Ryan Bronson, Vista Outdoor’s director of conservation. "This historic partnership will help us achieve our mission and support over 2 million Scouts in their ability to enjoy the outdoors and be responsible citizens."

As the official conservation sponsor, Vista Outdoor is the presenting sponsor of the “Conservation Trail” at this year’s 2017 National Jamboree. Federal Premium, CCI and Savage are the official shooting sports partners, Gold Tip the archery partner, CamelBak is hydration partner and Bell the wheeled safety partner.


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