True Velocity and FN America Announce Lightweight Medium Machine Gun Partnership

A 300-grain projectile with enhanced range and precision, with the profile of an M240B.

posted on June 20, 2024
 Lightweight Medium Machine Gun

Texas-based TV Ammo (True Velocity) and FN America have announced a strategic licensing and manufacturing partnership for production of True Velocity’s .338 Norma Mag. Lightweight Medium Machine Gun for U.S. and Allied military units. The agreement positions FN America as a primary manufacturer of True Velocity’s machine gun. The recoil-mitigated weapon system is designed to provide warfighters with an effective range and terminal performance similar to the century-old .50-caliber M2 machine gun, but do so a lightweight, functional profile comparable to the FN America-manufactured M240.

“True Velocity’s .338 machine gun will change the battlefield for our warfighters,” said True Velocity President and Chief Intellectual Property Officer Craig Etchegoyen. “We are thrilled that FN will join with us so we can equip U.S. and Allied militaries with this combat advantage.”

A lightweight machine gun chambered for .338 Norma Mag. has been a focal point of the U.S. Department of Defense in recent years. In March 2024, the United States Department of Defense selected True Velocity’s .338 Norma Mag. Lightweight Medium Machine Gun for continued evaluation in a military program aimed at fielding a weapon system to bridge the performance gap between the .50 BMG M2 machine gun and the M240 machine gun chambered for 7.62 NATO. True Velocity’s recoil-mitigated .338 Norma Mag. Lightweight Medium Machine Gun and its lightweight composite-cased ammunition provides a turn-key combat solution.

“FN America is extremely excited to partner with True Velocity on this effort to deliver the next medium machine gun to the U.S. military,” said Mark Cherpes, president and CEO of FN America. “Both companies share that drive and desire to innovate and deliver game-changing technology to the warfighter. This has produced a really great team environment on this effort.”

Incorporating proprietary “impulse-averaging recoil mitigation” technology, True Velocity’s machine gun delivers a 300-grain projectile with enhanced range and precision, while optimizing controllability and maintaining a profile similar the M240 belt-fed machine gun.


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