The 2.4 Mile Connection

Making a 4,227 yard shot is quite the accomplishment.

posted on April 27, 2023
2.4 mile shot

On March 25th Jacyln Bryan—one of Athlon Optics’ original PRS Pro Team members, now an ELR shooter—made a record-setting 4,227-yard shot during a competition. Working with her spotter and husband, Shane Bryan, the duo claimed the second-longest confirmed shot slot in competition history.

Hitting the 72-inch target at 2.4 miles was made possible by the pair’s skill, a high-end rifle build, Athlon’s Cronus BTR riflescope and a precision projectile. In this case it was a Hornady A-Tip Match bullet that, despite only being introduced in 2019, now holds the top-three longest recorded shots in competition.

The Bryans’ long-distance connection came during a Spearpoint Ranch ELR Match in Barnard, KS. When her .416-caliber, 500-grain A-Tip bullet hit the mark it bumped Ryan Cheney’s April 2021 shot at 4,134 yards down to 3rd place in the competition record books. He was using a .338-caliber, 300-grain A-Tip that day. Robert Brantley’s 4,229-yard mark remains on top of the charts, a feat he accomplished with a 500-grain, .416-caliber A-Tip in May of 2021.

“It’s hard to overlook the abilities of our Pro Team,” said Dustin Harding, senior marketing manager for Athlon Optics. “The Bryans are exceptional shooters, having competed in several King of 2 Mile events and a multitude of PRS-style matches. We are proud of the accomplishments our Pro Team members have made through the years using our equipment.” Jaclyn’s rifle sports a 1st generation Athlon Optics Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 mm and Shane’s rifle is equipped with a Cronus BTR GEN2 4.5-29x56 mm.

Setting records—even one that’s now with two yards of her grasp—isn’t the primary focus of her shooting, if her interview on YouTube is any indication. She shoots ELR for the love of the sport and the quality time with her husband it provides.


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