Skills Check: Par 5 Pistol Standard

Test your pistol skills with this easy to shoot defensive drill.

posted on October 9, 2023

Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts walks us through this simple, easy shoot drill that uses only 20 rounds of ammunition yet tests a number of critical defensive skills, making it a good drill to practice for when there are an unknown number of unknowns. The drill works best if you can draw from your pistol a holster, but if not, you can also shoot it from low ready.  

There are four stages in the drill, each of which requires five rounds. The target is one B-8 pistol target, and the distances range from 3 to 10 yards. A passing score is 80 percent, or no more than 4 misses outside of the scoring zone. Par time for each stage is five seconds. Beginning shooters should attempt each stage from low ready, while more advanced shooters can try it from concealment, and even more advanced students can shoot it from concealment and introduce some lateral movement. The course of fire goes like this:

Stage One
Distance: 3 yards
Scoring Zone: 10 ring 
Goal: Five rounds in the scoring zone in 5 seconds, two-handed
Time: 5 seconds

Stage Two
Distance: 5 yards
Scoring Zone: 8 ring 
Goal: Five rounds in the scoring zone in 5 seconds, strong hand only 
Time: 5 Seconds

Stage Three
Distance: 3 yards
Scoring Zone: 8 ring 
Goal: Four rounds in the scoring zone two-handed, one round strong hand only
Time: 5 Seconds

Stage Four
Distance: 10 yards
Scoring Zone: 8 ring
Goal: Five rounds in the scoring zone using a two-handed grip
Time: 5 Seconds

If you’ve enjoyed shooting this drill, be sure to check out the other marksmanship drills and personal defense articles under the “Tips” section of our website, where you’ll find how-to articles from industry leaders like Jim Wilson, Steve Tarani, Tatiana Whitlock and many more. 


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