SHOT Show 2024 Roundup: New Suppressors

Silence may be golden, but let's talk about it for awhile.

posted on January 29, 2024

Silencers are becoming more popular than ever, and advances in online technology and record-keeping make it easier to legally buy these shooting accessories. Asa a result, modern, sophisticated shooters are reaping in their benefits–not just for the noise reduction but also the performance boosts in some cases. Likewise, suppressor use is responsible for additional innovation in the reliability of internal parts.

SureFire RC3

While SureFire didn't exactly launch the SOCOM556 RC3 this week for SHOT Show 2024, this new silencer has been the epicenter of much attention in the tactical-shooting universe. The RC3 succeeds the older RC2 and is engineered to reduce typical 5.56 NATO military-grade backpressure by 60 percent. It features Inconel construction for extreme durability as Inconel is a nickel and chromium-based superalloy used in extreme industrial applications where durability is key. SureFire relied heavy on computer power and fluid dynamics to design the internal of this unit. On top of all the new features, it’s still a fairly compact suppressor with tactical applications in mind.

CGS Hunter V1 Silencer 

CGS is showcasing its new 6mm/5.56mm Hunter V1. The Hunter V1 is a reflex suppressor, so the silencer sits further over the barrel than is typical of other silencers, which aids in handiness and portability. When mounted on a 14.5-inch barrel, for example, its overall profile resembles that of the typical 11.5-inch barrel firearm with almost any contemporary rifle design. Another benefit of a reflex arrangement is that it serves to boost projectile muzzle velocities, which is especially helpful with extending effective ranges of shorter-barreled carbines. At this year’s show, the Hunter V1 was mounted on a carefully thought out 14.5-inch 6mm ARC Noveske Afghan carbine topped with Leupold’s 2-10x30 Mk5 HD scope–a thoroughly modern take on a do-it-all AR.

Huxwrx Flow Ti 22 

This Grade 5 titanium 3D-printed rimfire suppressor is joining Huxwrx’s ever-growing fleet of 3D-printed flowthrough silencers. Flowthrough silencers are designed to redirect and route expanding gasses forward and out towards the muzzle. This helps keep the toxic gasses from burning propellants away from the shooter’s eyes, face and lungs, not to mention the firearm itself. The Flow Ti 22 weighs under 4 ounces and, in spite of its lighter weight and novel 3D-printed construction, it is rated for full-auto use.  Due to its overall size and design pattern, the Flow Ti 22 supports direct-mount rimfire ½ x 28 tpi barrels and is suitable for all modern rimfire calibers.

Q Porq Chop 

The Q Porq Chop is designed to work with the subsonic 8.6mm Blackout, which can be considered the bigger-bore brother of the .300 Blackout, as it was borne from a similar design philosophy. Besides the novel and intriguing cartridge, the Q Porq Chop was created around, the Porq Chop notably feels and handles like a lighter titanium suppressor in spite of its steel construction. This is due to the way the baffle column is stacked and joined together. Externally, the baffles resemble a horizontal pancake stack, and the good news for customers is that this manufacturing technique also helps lower costs and keep this silencer competitively priced.


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