Review: Lowa Boots Innox Pro GTX LO TF Boots

Solid footwear is a critically important part of your gear.

posted on December 13, 2023
Lowa boots

Footwear is one of those things like pocketknives, watches and wallets. Options are available anywhere from $20 to $50 to, well, how much? Some folks are fine with a $20 knife, a $30 watch and a $15 wallet. Others search for more bespoke items, with custom-crafted knives, carbon-fiber wallets and dive-quality watches that cost more than a few of the cars I’ve owned (although, honestly, that’s not saying a lot…)

But, footwear? There’s one place where you really shouldn’t skimp on quality. Whether it’s getting you through a weekend-long training course or hiking on a leisurely family outing, proper footwear not only makes things more comfortable, but also safer. While those $20 boots from Big Box Store might fit okay and have decent tread on flat, even ground, that’s not the same as a 7 or 8 degree incline up a rocky path with loose dirt and pine needles adding complexity.

It’s funny, really. We stress the importance of stress-testing gear in training and practice, pointing out (rightfully) that it’s only in the crucible of competition and realistic training that we really see where the wheels fall off and/or point out the weak spots in our shooting ability. It’s also where we can spot problems (and potential problems) with our gear—we thoroughly test our firearms, holsters, belts and other gear. How often, though, do we give even more than a passing thought to what’s on our feet?

So, when we happen across a pair of boots that really make a difference, it’s noteworthy. I had a chance to meet with the folks at Lowa Boots at SHOT Show in January of this year, and the buzz was all about the new Innox Pro series. Available in both above-the-ankle and low-cut versions, this boot is super lightweight, rugged and has Lowa’s proprietary Multi Trac outsole for sure footing on a wide variety of terrain. More than mere buzzwords and marketing catchphrases, these features really do make a difference out in the real world. 

Lowa boots

I’ve had a chance to test these boots on the dirt roads of rural Georgia, in the sandy high desert of southeastern Oregon, in the summer sun of central Texas and on the range in southern Louisiana. They’re definitely in their element in warmer climates, and that’s by design. The Innox Pro series is built to be rugged yet lightweight and allow plenty of airflow. They’re intended more for use in Gunsite in August than a varmint hunt in Maine in January.

I’ve found the Innox Pro GTX boots to be extremely comfortable, with excellent grip. While traipsing through the Oregon high desert with the folks from Leupold, I found the Innox Pro to work exceedingly well on the sandy and rocky terrain. We covered a wide range of hillside, open ground and “non-traditional” shooting positions that required quite a bit of hiking to reach, and I was glad to have the Innox Pro boots for the trip. On a shorter trip to rural Georgia, I even went for a 3-mile run in the Innox Pro boots—definitely not something I would have attempted in a more traditional hiking boot.

So, yes, the Innox Pro GTX boots are a little on the pricey side (although, really, with prices the way they are now, I’d call them more on the high side of average…), but they are absolutely worth it. Fit is excellent, the boots are quite comfortable even when worn all day and they’ve held up remarkably well (I am extremely hard on footwear; generally wearing out my standard running shoes in weeks rather than months…)

MSRP for the Lowa Innox Pro GTX Lo TF boots in Coyote OP is $215, and they can be found on Lowa’s website at or at various local retailers. Visit the Lowa website to order or find a location near you to try on a pair or see other options.


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