Remington 700 OverMolded Stock By Hogue Inc.

posted on June 14, 2016

The Badget inlet aspect of the Hogue Remington OverMolded Stock is an effort to eliminate the burden of cutting the inlet to accommodate detachable box magazines. The Badger inlet and the entire design of the OverMolded Stock is already cut, and designed perfectly to fit the Remington 700 perfectly. The stock offers users durable stability while aiming and the ability to turn a family heirloom bolt action rifle into a modern firearm.

The Remington 700 OverMolded Stock with Badger inlet by Hogue Inc., contains a full-length aluminum bedding block inside the frame stock. Wrapping around the action and extending from full length onto the forend is solid 7075 aircraft aluminum. The full-length and surrounding aluminum increases accuracy potential by providing rock-solid stability over the entire stock. Through independent tests, the Hogue OverMolded Stock proved to be the only stock that retained zero movement after a 30-foot drop.

The Remington 700 OverMolded Stock with Badger Inlet is offered in black for both standard and heavy barrels. MSRP $259.95.


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