Predator Tactical Night Shrike

posted on May 1, 2011

You've probably heard of Marcus Luttrell. As the sole survivor of Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan, for which he earned the Navy Cross and his commanding officer posthumously earned the Medal of Honor, Luttrell's dedication to our freedom and security is patently obvious. He is also dedicated to the wounded and fallen men and women in our armed forces, and has started a charity called the Lone Survivor Foundation. To help this great cause, Predator Tactical partnered with several companies, including Crimson Trace, to raffle a 1911 that nears perfection in terms of its quality, feel and the perfect accessories to make any fan of ol' slabsides drool. Here's Iain Harrison with a rundown of the Night Shrike's multitude of features and a look at this superior 1911 to benefit a deserving cause.



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KelTec Sub2000 Carbine Selected for School Resource Deputies

KelTec's Sub2000 carbine has been selected for school resource deputies in Brevard County, Florida.

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Smith & Wesson brings the 350 Legend cartridge to its X-frame revolver line.

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2022 New Optics Guide

Optics are an increasingly vital part of more and more firearms, from traditional rifles to MSRs to shotguns and even ultracompact, concealed-carry handguns. With few exceptions, however, nearly every optic is made overseas, and every manufacturer uses at least one or two components of foreign origin. 


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