New for 2021: Heckler & Koch SP5 Pistol

posted on February 9, 2021
Heckler & Koch introduced the new SP5 in 2020, but we're first now getting our hands on it for video review. Modeled after the MP5, which is the iconic submachine gun from the last century, the SP5 is the only way for people to get that style platform in the U.S.

The SP5 is made in the same factory as the MP5 sold by H&K. Because it is built on the same line as the MP5, the controls are very similar. This model is based on the famous Navy version, which includes ambidextrous selector and straight pistol grip with two options for mag release. The SP5 features the roller-delayed action with top-mounted bolt handle. The SP5 comes with a sling to help make it more accurate at distance. 


RCBS Chargemaster Supreme
RCBS Chargemaster Supreme

High-Tech Handloading

I now keep all my ammunition-creation data on a computer. Sure, I’ll make notes when working up a new load or tweaking an existing one, but ultimately my data is stored digitally. Since my loading room is only steps from my computer, the transition from written to digital data has been easy for me. Now that I’m using the handloading app from RCBS, it’s even easier, and it also makes recreating my favorite loads when I’m at the loading bench more convenient.

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