New for 2020: Lyman AccuSight

posted on January 25, 2020

In theory, sights shouldn’t be that hard to change out. Simply remove the originals—most likely factory installed—and slide the new ones into the now-vacant slot. Easy breezy. Not so fast! Sometimes sights get stuck, don’t want to budge and need a bit of encouragement to break free or push in. Other times installing the new ones requires a bit of extra elbow grease. Cranking down on your pistol’s side can turn disastrous quickly if your tools slip or otherwise mar the finish.

The new Lyman AccuSight—introduced at SHOT Show 2020—takes the risk out of sight changes and makes the job a whole lot easier. Thanks for its comprehensive design, it can adjust, install or remove front or rear dovetail pistol sights and has a machined pocket for 1911 slides. The AccuSight features four horizontal and one vertical slide clamps, full-range height adjustment and 1/32-inch increment windage adjustment scale on the sight pusher.

Since not all slides are the same shape (think Glock vs. Walther, for example), the pusher blocks are both straight and angled. The slide is held in place by two easily adjusted vertical horizontal clamps that with large knobs for easy turning.

The body of the pusher is CNC machined from billet aluminum for added durability and strength. At $129.95, buying an AccuSight is a whole lot less expensive than replacing your slide or destroying your sites because you didn’t have the right tools. Give the Lyman AccuSight a try.


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knife-sharpening kit

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