Meopta MeoRed Red-Dot Sight

posted on July 14, 2016

Meopta recently released its new MeoRed red-dot sight, bringing to market a 3-MOA red-dot sight suitably sized for pistol or carbine. This CR2032-powered sight offers 300 hours of run time with an auto-off feature and low-battery warning, and is guaranteed waterproof.

On a handgun, the MeoRed's size is a huge plus. Whether using the integrated Picatinny rail mount or a dedicated pistol-specific mount, it's simple to install and takes up very little room on a slide. On handguns with forward-mounted rails (like the Desert Eagle L5), finding the "sweet spot" for mounting takes a little investigation, but was accomplished quickly and easily.

For carbines, really the only "complaint" is the size of the device - it works against itself in some ways. The diminutive size that keeps weight to a minimum and saves space where rail real estate is limited can be challenging when trying to locate the dot quickly. This, really, is more of a training dilemma and can be resolved through repetition and consistent presentation.

In use, the MeoRed worked as intended, with a clear, bright dot that, with practice, was easy to bring to target quickly. Once you establish proper positioning between your eye and the MeoRed, acquiring the dot rapidly is not a difficult task. The 3-MOA dot lived up to its name and then some, allowing greater accuracy at 25 yards (our pistol-testing distance) than via traditional iron sights, at least for aging eyes.

Adjustments for windage or elevation are easy to make, but with one caveat: the screws are "locked" by a separate screw that needs to be loosened before adjusting. It's a safeguard against accidentally moving either adjustment, although that seems unlikely. As long as you read the instructions (!!) and know about the screw, it's simple. Adjustments are clearly marked and are performed quickly using the included flat screwdriver. The battery compartment can be accessed from the side, meaning the MeoRed does not have to be removed (and therefore re-zeroed) to change batteries.

MSRP: $517.49.


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