Mec-Gar Beretta M9 Magazines

posted on September 29, 2015

Loading magazines is one of those administrative tasks like cleaning. It obviously has to be done, but very few people actually enjoy doing it. In fact, much like cleaning, it's such a monotonous task that numerous tools have been invented to make it go faster. 

A simple way to maximize shooting time on the range is to have more magazines available for your semi-auto. That's a given. Sometimes finding magazines—particularly magazines in stock—can be a challenge, so it's always a good thing to have more avenues for supply.

Mec-Gar has been manufacturing magazines for 50 years, and is the OEM manufacturer for a number of popular firearm brands. Among the numerous handguns for which the company manufactures magazines is the Beretta M9/92, in 10-, 15- and 18-round capacities (flush fit) for 9 mm. A 20-round capacity version is available with a base pad that extends slightly beyond the bottom of the grip.

MSRP: $38.30 (18-round), $46.50 (20-round).


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