Kel-Tec Announces New Wyoming Plant

The facility is Kel-Tec's first outside of Florida and will offer increased production capacity.

posted on July 26, 2022
Kel-Tec P15

Kel-Tec CNC Industries has acquired a 33,000-square-foot facility in Rock Springs, WY, to augment its 125,000-square-foot industrial space in Cocoa, FL. The expansion will increase the company’s production capacity and allow it to address increasing demand for its firearms and accessories.  

“I am thrilled to be a part of this new adventure in our story,” said Adrian Kellgren, Director of Industrial Production. “Wyoming has a rich history as part of the American frontier and it’s fitting for our brand, being that we constantly explore the limits of performance and design, to expand out here.” 

Swedish-born George Kellgren—a former designer for Husqvarna, Swedish Interdynamics AB and Intratec—established Kel-Tec in 1991. Kel-Tec initially specialized in producing CNC parts for other gun companies, but in 1995 the firm’s first pistol hit the market. That polymer-framed, semi-auto P-11 chambered in 9 mm was the first in a long line of innovative and extremely popular models that now includes the KSG shotgun family. The P-15, seen above, is the firm’s latest introduction.

“This is a milestone for Kel-Tec CNC Industries,” said company Director of Sales and Marketing Derek Kellgren. “While steady expansion isn’t anything new to us, this is our first expansion into another state and we couldn’t be more excited about advancing our innovative designs and production processes in Wyoming.” 

The company currently employs roughly 300 at its Florida location. The launch in Wyoming will be gradual, but it’s designed to host more than 250 team members across multiple industrial disciplines. 

“In Wyoming, we value our open spaces, recreation and hunting and proudly defend our Second Amendment rights,” stated Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon. “Because of those values and our business-friendly environment I am pleased to welcome Kel-Tec firearms to Wyoming.” 

“The future of our company is tied to the future of the American free spirit,” stated George Kellgren, Kel-Tec founder, chairman and CEO. “Wyoming has been a leading example of liberty and freedom for America, and it is right that we become part of it.” 


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