I Carry: SIG Sauer P320X Compact Pistol in a PHLster Pro Series Holster

posted on November 6, 2020

Firearm: SIG Sauer P320X Compact (MSRP: $679.99) 

We’re coming back to the SIG Sauer P320X Compact to further explore what I feel is one of the most overlooked features, the unique removable fire-control group. Debuted on the hammer-fired P250, the concept carried over into the P320 and has been adopted by a number of other handguns. The modularity and customization options that this type of system provides is, quite frankly, amazing; it’s surprising this doesn’t come up more often. 

Removing the fire-control group is quite simple: field-strip the pistol (remove magazine, ensure it’s unloaded), then push the takedown lever out of the frame. At this point, the fire-control group can be carefully removed and separated from the grip. It’s a simple, intuitive process, and opens up a mind-boggling array of options. With the wide variety of grip-frame modules available, everything from subcompact through full-size configurations are possible. Plus, as we’ll cover in a bit, there are aftermarket possibilities as well. 

Another advantage of this system, as our Handguns editor has pointed out, is that it allows for greater freedom in experimentation. Want to try your hand at stippling? Replacement grip frames are under $50. You can order a frame, warm up the soldering iron, and burnish your little heart out, free from the worry that one slip and your pistol is compromised. Alternately, you can buy a frame, ship it off to one of the many talented companies like Boresight Solutions, and still use the existing frame while you wait. 

Of course, the P320X Compact by itself is an excellent choice for concealed carry. Its size hits the sweet spot for carry, with 15-round capacity, three-finger grip and accessory rail. Add in the X-series additions of XRAY3 night sights, excellent flat-face trigger and rear optic plate, as well as the ability to make use of larger-capacity magazines designed for the full-size P320, it’s clear the P320X Compact has much to offer the concealed carrier. Not only that, but the P320 just started life as the current-issue U.S. military sidearm, meaning support for this family of pistols will be around for quite a while. 

Holster: PHLster Pro Series (MSRP: $79.99) 

It’s no secret we’re fans of holsters from PHLster. Comfortable, affordable and well-made, the Kydex magicians from Philly have really one-upped themselves with its new line of Pro Series holsters. This new line offers improved ergonomics that focus on smoothing the typical hot-spots, contouring and removing any sharp edges which contact the body below the belt line. Basically, PHLster took an already good thing and made it even better. 

Not only that, but the Pro Series offers a full suite of belt-attachment options to support a wide range of user adjustment. Whether you’re a fan of pull-the-dot loops, standard clips, the DCC monoblock or other attachment methods, chances are good the new PHLster Pro Series can accommodate what you want to do. 

Accessory: Wilson Combat SIG P320 Grip frame (MSRP: $64.95) 

When gun folks hear the name Wilson Combat, two things probably come to mind first. First off is the 1911; second would be the premium price commanded by Wilson Combat products. In the case of the P320 grip frame, neither are applicable. For a paltry $20 premium over the standard SIG Sauer grip frame, Wilson Combat’s frame offers the company’s signature starburst pattern on the grip, reshaped beavertail, radiused triggerguard, enlarged magazine well and other improvements. 

It’s hard to overstate what a bargain this grip frame module is—but also how much better Wilson Combat’s upgrades make the P320 fit in the hand. Swapping the fire-control group is simple, and as you can see in this case we’ve opted for flat-dark earth to contrast in color. If you’re looking to make your P320X Compact more comfortable for shooting, this is money well-spent. Good looks and the Wilson Combat experience are just the icing on the cake.


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Colonel Rex Applegate

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